Would you like to see a newsletter here?

There are two reasons why we don't have a newsletter today.

1. Nobody prepared one. A newsletter requires that someone have the responsibility for design and content of the newsletter. We could ask for volunteers, but there is no need yet since we do not have an answer to the next problem.

2. We don't know how to distribute one. Putting out a newsletter is somewhat dependent on how the newsletter is to be delivered. We basically have two choices: mail or email. The problem with mail is the expense of printing and postage, plus the delivery time. The problem with email is that we do not have email addresses for all of our members. Email is an attractive solution because it allows for timely, inexpensive delivery and for last-minute updates.

What are we doing about this?

We are asking every member to provide us with an email address so we can use electronic delivery of the newsletter. A team is looking up email addresses that are currently known and will soon be calling to get the email addresses that we do not have. If you do not have access to a computer and do not have an email address, the post may decide to print a copy and mail it to you but that has not been fully decided yet. It is expected that the majority of our members have a current email address and would be best served by electronic delivery. The newsletter will also be posted on this web site (and can be printed) so members without computers could possibly have a friend print the newsletter for you.

If you have an email address you would like the post to use, please contact an officer or call the canteen and leave your information.

If you would like to have a voice in the newsletter decisions or volunteer to help, please attend the post meetings or contact an officer of the post to let them know your wishes. If you would like to leave an email comment about the newsletter situation, please click here.